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SHIPMATE MARINE, your Caribbean specialist in Water Supply, Storage, Treatment, and Disposal systems. Based in Sint Maarten, we offer consulting services for Marine, Commercial, and Domestic applications.

Our Services…

…cover the full water cycle to ensure you maintain a continuos, hygenic supply of life’s most essential element. Whether you are planning a new installation, an upgrade or maintenance services, ShipMate Marine can provide expert advice and guidence on how best to achieve your goals.

Water Supply

Water Supply & Delivery

The key to a reliable and sustainable water source. Shipmate Marine can provide a number of solutions to help you maintain a consistent supply of water for your irrigation needs, whether your application is in the marine, domestic or commercial sectors.

Shipmate Marine

Storage and Filtration

Shipmate Marine is experienced in various systems for storing, filtering and conditioning your water supply appropriate for your final application. Every application requires specialized handling and processing to esnure an appropriate level of hygene and or chemical levels.

Shipmate Marine

Waste & Disposal

Disposing of Waste Water and other fluids demands special consideration in order to protect our natural environment. Shipmate Marine offers a range of options to assist in the safe, hygenic disposal of liquds, including methods of treatment to remove potentially harmful chemicals and organisms from waste products.


Electrical and Solar

Our team includes fully licensed electrical technicians to support your electrical installations and appliances. Whether it’s changing a light-bulb , hooking up a new dishwasher or capacity planning and installation of solar systems, Shipmate Marine has the expertise to get the job done on time and within budget.

  • Marine Watermakers and Desalination
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Groundwater Recovery
  • General Plumbing
  • New Installations, Upgrades or Repairs
  • Holding Tanks – Fresh, Grey Water, Black Water
  • Water Conditioning and Filtration
  • Pumps, Bilges and other appliances
  • New Installations
  • Inspections, Mainenance & Repairs
  • Waste Water Treatment Systems
  • Sustainable Reuse Solutions
  • Toilets
  • Grey Water, Black Water
  • Pipe & Sewer Repair
  • AC/DC Systems
  • Battery Solutions
  • Solar Installations
  • Energy Efficiency

Suppliers and Products…

Shipmate Marine

Sea Recovery : Watermakers

Sea Recovery is a global provider of marine and commercial offshore watermakers. Engineered to produce small to large amounts of clean, fresh water.

Shipmate Marine

Spectra Watermachines : Watermakers

Spectra Watermakers manufacturers reverse osmosis watermakers which make water in an energy efficient, quiet and ultra-reliable manner.

Shipmate Marine

Raritan: Marine Toilets

High quality electric marine toilet with proven reliability that meets the demands of real world boating and your budget. Committed to the environment and preserving sea life, Raritan designs products to help maintain an environmental balance and ensure the quality of marine waters.

Shipmate Marine

Dessalator : Watermakers

Watermakers with high outputs. From 440 to 2.000 L/H. Specially adapted for large leisure and commercial vessels.

Shipmate Marine

HEM: Watermakers

For over 14 years Watermaker Services has been providing specialist services to a wide range of customers, marine and ashore, large and small.

Shipmate Marine

Horizon: Watermakers

Horizon Reverse Osmosis (HRO) is the first manufacturer of compact, economic marine watermakers for use in the boating industry.

Shipmate Marine

Technicomar: Watermakers

Europe’s first manufacturer of watermakers, sewage treatment plants with IMO Marpol MEPC.159(55) approval, water purifying systems and oil-water-separators

Shipmate Marine

Bluewater Desalination

Blue Water Desalination has considered every detail to design and manufacture the best watermakers on the planet. Available in compact and modular configurations with production capabilities ranging from 200 to 3,400 gallons per day, our line of desalinators are a vital tool in obtaining your freedom afloat.

SLCE Watermakers

SLCE Watermakers

Established in France, SLCE watermakers, certified ISO9001: 2015, offers a complete range of reverse-osmosis equipment producing freshwater, industrial water or ultra-pure water from 1 to 1500 m3 / day.